Season’s Programme



Saturday September 022 p.m.Bellingham Centenary Celebration Recital by

Marilyn Harper at St Dunstan’s Church, SE6 3JB.

Saturday September 092 p.m.Joint Visit with Brighton Association to Aubertin 

Organ at home of Paul Griffiths, Fairwarp, Sussex

Thursday September 231.30 p.m.Fairfield Hall Lunchtime Recital – Marilyn Harper

Saturday October 1410.45 a.m.Most Precious Blood, London Bridge and 2.30pm 

St Peter’s Vauxhall

Thursday November 091.30 p.m.Fairfield Hall Lunchtime Recital – Herman Jordaan

Friday December 1st. 01.00 p.m.President’s Advent Invitation to St Mary’s, Ewell for

Organ Concert and Celebratory Afternoon Tea


Xxxxx January xx7.30 p.m.Christopher Town Recordings

Thursday January 111.30 p.m.Fairfield Hall Lunchtime Recital – Jeremy Lloyd

Thursday January 182.00 p.m.Joint visit with SSLSO to St George’s RC Cathedral,

Southwark with Norman Harper              

Thursday February 011.30 p.m.Fairfield Hall Lunchtime Recital – Edward Batting

Cont. over


Tuesday February 2010.30 a.m.Visit to King’s Chapel of the Savoy; 1.45pm St

Clement Danes; and 4pm The Temple Church. 

Thursday March 141.30 p.m.Fairfield Hall Lunchtime Recital – Simon Gregory

Thursday April 111.30 p.m.Fairfield Hall Lunchtime Recital – Raymond Lewis

Xxxx April XxAnnual General Meeting

Saturday April 20Christian Strover Education Event at St George’s

Bickley with David Pipe.

Thursday May 091.30 p.m.Fairfield Hall Lunchtime Recital – Richard Pinel

Xxxx June Xx7.00 p.m.Annual Dinner at ‘The Chancery’, Beckenham

Saturday June XxVisit to Borden and Sittingbourne with Andrew


July 15 to 19 Residential Visit to Yorkshire with Jonathan